WHY CHOOSE Atlanta Skydive?


An Excellent Group of Vendors and a Great Facility

At Atlanta Skydive, we work exclusively with vendors who offer the most relaxed, user-friendly and regulated facilities to supply safety and security and enhancement to your skydiving experience.


Atlanta Skydive Affiliates Have the Most Knowledgeable Skydiving Staff Serving Georgia.

We guarantee you're in great hands by only relying on the best of the best skydiving instructors. An expert skydiver is going to teach you the ropes-- and how to pull them! When you have actually chosen Atlanta Skydive to arrange your skydive, you have chosen the best. Isn't that sense of security in the experts teaming up with you what you want when you go skydiving?


An Extraordinary Skydiving Experience!

We'll take you up to 14,000 feet in the air! The ride in the aircraft itself provides a part of the excitement and anticipation associated with your jump. We ensure our vendors cut no corners when it concerns aircraft maintenance. Your trust is very important to us, Atlanta Skydive and it's vendors comb over every fine detail to make sure the safety of our customers is a top priority, setting us above other dropzones in the area!


Atlanta Skydive Utilizes the Most State-of-the-art Equipment Available!

All of our vendors feature and maintain CUTTING-EDGE equipment. We pride ourselves on our network of first-rate skydivers who operate with the most modern equipment in the sport.


Our Commitment to Our Customers is our Customer Service!

Our recently extended Customer Service Department is designed to satisfy your every skydiving need.

Pick up the phone and call us today at 1-855-533-4029!