Be a Certified Skydiver in Georgia!

Once you graduate from one of the following USPA endorsed training courses, skydives charge less than $50 for certified skydivers! Let Atlanta Skydive help you get your skydiving license right now! When you start your instruction, you'll be checking out two qualified skydiving courses.

The following explains the two most prominent enhanced training courses offered in the United States.

The Seven Levels of Accelerated FreeFall Advancement

Level 2 - Now you have two jump masters who will exit the plane with you and show you how to fly.

Level 3 - Your 2 dive masters constantly work with you. Your dive masters will release from your side when they really feel you're ready. Congrats, you're now accomplishing your very first solo freefall!

Level 4 - As your abilities constantly improve, you will be discovering "Heading Control" using 90 degree turns and forward motion, this time with just one dive master.

Level 5 - This level includes continued practice with a single Dive Master with the inclusion of 360 degree turns.

Level 6 - Your very first solo exit with one jump professional close by your side. You learn more high level maneuvers as you leap out, and demonstrate delta tracking (flying across the sky), freefall flips and recovery from pre organized unsteady body placements.

Level 7 - Now it's time to jump from the aircraft and show your jumping master all of the skills you know. Video is always excellent to have on this dive, but it is an optional extra.


The 7 Levels of Tandem Development

Level 1 - The first step in Tandem Progression is to help you understand the arch body position, altitude awareness, canopy control, and exactly how to open the main parachute. Tandem Progression is created for the skydiver that wants the instructor with them for the whole freefall and parachute trip.Throughout your canopied decline, your trainer will provide you with a useful understanding of parachuting principles while you illustrate the maneuvers.

Level 2 - Level 2 affords the opportunity to learn more advanced freefall turns and greater freefall balance and stability. At this point, you will be needed to deploy your main chute at an altitude of 5,000 feet during descent and aid with the landing.

Level 3 - Through this level, you will gain a better understanding of precise 360 degree freefall turns, forward motion and canopy release. From this point, you can move on into the AFF course -- don't worry, you enter at level 4, you don't have to start over.

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