The best way to make your skydive complete is by sharing your experience with your family and friends.

Video and stills will recapture your skydiving journey. Our plan will provide you with a seven minute DVD video with all the needed music a special effects, as well as a CD containing stills of your skydiving adventure.

What kind of video can I expect?

A 5 to 7 minute video of your skydive, dubbed from a Digital video camera on to a VHS tape or DVD with music. The video is personalized with your name and the date of your skydive. We expect to video you at different times beginning with your takeoff from the planning area, including your climb into the aircraft, the flight to altitude, leaving behind the aircraft, free fall and your ending up back safely on Atlanta soil.

How long before I am given my video?

Generally just within an hour of completing your skydive, your video recording will be accessible.

Is it possible for me to carry my own camera?

Lots of people bring their own personal cameras, which you are permitted to, but you might discover that you are too busy to deal with it during prep work. There is a chance that you may lose your camera at some point or another-- we are not liable for any losses. After all, at an elevation of 2 miles above the ground and going at speeds at or exceeding 120 miles per hour you will definitely be far too distracted to care for your camera!

How about my friends, can they take a video of me?

Certainly. They can take photos near the drop zone when you are underneath the parachute and during your landing. There will be chances to take close ups of you immediately after the completion of your dive.

If I want to, can my videographer who's filming film more than one person and can I share a video with them?

Regrettably No. As a result of constraints and the distance between exits, a camera person will not be able to videotape more than one person per jump.

When it pertains to still photographs, exactly what can I anticipate?

High-quality photographs. After your skydive above the sprawling metropolitan area of Atlanta, you will likely be provided your DVD or CD-Rom of the high resolution photos taken at the time of your skydive. Given that you will be given high-resolution photos and video, you can use them in all types of media. Some of these apps may include greeting cards, post cards, and business cards.

Should I notify Atlanta skydiving that I would like a video of my experience?

Yes, it is recommended that you inform us. To more effectively serve you, our staff will have to be advised beforehand for video recording and image stills. Let one of our staff members know that you want a video package and they will certainly reserve a videographer and answer any questions that you may have. Video production is offered on a first come first serve basis. Call Atlanta Skydive right now for additional information, or to schedule your skydive! For more information, call Atlanta Skydive.

Video is provided on a first come first serve basis. Call Atlanta Skydive today for more information, or to schedule your skydive!

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