1st Skydive over Beautiful Atlanta! Prepare to enter the amazing world of skydiving!

Prepare to enter the exciting world of skydiving!

Thanks for making the effort to experience what skydiving has to give you. Our skydiving experts will work with you in choosing the first skydive that is right for you, provide you with professional training courses, and be with you throughout the most thrilling experience of your life! The experience of skydiving in Georgia is like no other!

Atlanta Skydive strives to be as informative as possible and has provided you with some pertinent information below to help support you in your decision as to which type of skydive you prefer. Either way, you will be trained and accompanied by the top professional skydivers in Georgia!

Tandem Skydiving in Atlanta

It is strongly recommended by Atlanta Skydive that you choose this specific method for your first dive. Tandem skydives require the minimum amount of training (usually under an hour), and sustain the highest possible degree of safety Your trainer will lead you through the skydive, from departure to dive and finally get you to land safely. The dive itself will consist of freefall for roughly One Minute from 14,000 to 10,000 feet over the beautiful Georgia landscape followed by 7 to 9 minute parachute decline back to the drop zone. By request, you can assist your instructor to guide the canopy to the landing zone for a genuine first-hand experience.

Solo Skydiving in Atlanta

People who want to skydive alone are required to become AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) certified. Prior to your first jump you will participate in a 4 to 6 hour training class that will teach you the principles of skydiving. Your jump is made with two USPA rated AFF Jump masters who supply immediate support throughout the departure and freefall. You will be afforded the chance to self release your pilot chute, which will then release the primary canopy. Once your parachute is deployed, you will (with radio guidance) manage a solo canopy decline back to the dropzone.

Get the chance to experience the jump of a lifetime, call Atlanta Skydive today at 1-855-533-4029!